Profile Portraiture Sessions

Profile Sessions

What we do?

Whether you need a new look for Facebook, LinkedIn, or just want to immortalize what you look like at present…. We can rock that shot for you, whatever vibe you need.  As it is a large spectrum that personal portraits entails, please have a look at both our family and corporate portraiture sections and then drop us a line so we can tailor a shoot just for you.


Our portable studio and teams are shooting 7 days a week at all hours to best fit in your schedule…. Let us know a few dates and times that suit and we’ll do our best to accommodate you and your schedule: lunch breaks, before work, weekends.

Post Production Photoshop

Our initial light retouching included in the session will address skin imperfections, recent weight gain/camera lens weight gain which needs to be removed, fatigue under the eyes, etc.  Life in general takes its aesthetic toll on our appearances and no-one understand this better than we do so we do our best just to remove it—naturally and without looking overdone.