Family Portraiture Sessions


Family sessions

We are geared to create not only unique and beautiful images of you and your family, but also to produce an extraordinary experience for the entire family that we’ll capture for posterity.   Our photographer and creative director will arrive at your doorstep (or anywhere else!) to help unbox your personalities, inter-dynamics and beauty – and wrap it back up in eternal digital (or analog) form to you!

Which experience to book?

An Urban Adventure

Our team will take you on location to iconic Hong Kong places or to little known, off the beaten track city gems --  a perfect adventure for all ages while also capturing the moment and the beauty of your family in action. It helps loosen up/entertain children and adults alike while also creating a unique moment in your urban lives.

No Place Like Home

Likewise, we can come to your home with our completely portable studio: lights, backdrop, camera, action….! As long as there is room for a little one to crawl around in, there is room for our portable studio.  So rain or shine, we have got you covered.  We will use your home props and our original shooting ideas to style a setting that is perfectly unique to you and your tastes.

How much time?

We can make it short and sweet (for those with time constraints) and capture all that is needed in under 30 minutes—or we can shoot for longer, up to two hours per session to make sure we have the perfect angle (or navigate young ones’ meltdowns).

Post Production Photoshop

Yes, our initial light retouching included in the session will address skin imperfections, recent weight gain/camera lens weight gain which needs to be removed (especially for those new mothers!), fatigue under the eyes, etc.  Having a family takes its aesthetic toll on our appearances and no-one understand this better than we do so we do our best just to remove it, naturally and without looking overdone.