Corporate Portraiture Sessions

Corporate Portraiture

Our photographer and creative director will come to your office or bring you to a skyscraping cityscape to find the perfect backdrop for your portraits.  Collectively, we have decades of experience in shooting corporate portraits, from more editorial, creative images, to melding our style of portraits to your company’s existing visuals.


We can shoot environmental portraiture within the office’s walls to emphasize the company’s style – your office, the lobby, the office corridors, etc.

Likewise, we can also bring you outside, for a more modern cityscape environmental portrait, the likes of which you see in Forbes, etc.

Or we can bring our portable studio right to your place of choice with lighting, backdrops and the works to realize traditional corporate portraits.


Depending on which style best suits your needs, it will take anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour per person. 


Our portable studio and teams are shooting 7 days a week at all hours to best fit in your schedule…. Let us know a few dates and times that suit and we’ll do our best to accommodate you and your schedule.

Post Production Photoshop

Yes, our initial light retouching included in the session will address skin imperfections, recent weight gain/camera lens weight gain which needs to be removed, fatigue under the eyes.  If you don’t look good, your company doesn’t and we understand the stresses that our work lives put on our appearances better than most so will we clear those up for you without anyone knowing better.